Building Maintenance Company in Dubai, UAE

Looking to create a safe, hygienic and functional atmosphere in your building? Zawafi offers you the perfect package for Building Maintenance. We are the best building maintenance company that meets daily requirements to keep the facility running. 

Our expert team of janitors, electricians, plumbers, maintenance technicians and supervisors will take care of varying facility needs from time to time. We offer services for smaller and larger buildings. Our quality of service enhances your quality of building. Contact us for maintenance service!

The Finest Facility Maintenance Company in Dubai 

We aim to preserve safety and comfort in the indoor and outdoor premises of the building. Being one of the finest facility maintenance companies in Dubai we have expertise in implementing routine, preventive and corrective strategies to keep the facility in good condition. Our behind-the-scene unit is well-equipped with the latest maintenance technologies and knows how to tackle any sort of challenges whether it is in a residential complex or large business premises. 

5 Steps To Hire A Building Maintenence Team

  • Prepare a building maintenance checklist: 

It is essential to prepare the list of things that need to be done and taken care of. The building maintenance checklist is usually prepared by the building operations manager.

  • Conduct research on maintenance providers:  

The next step is to conduct research on maintenance providers.  It is essential to know the credibility, licensing and certification their team member holds. 

  • Assess provider value: 

It is essential to check the previous experience of their clients, service charges of the team and to evaluate if they are they are worth it. 

  • Finalise the building maintenance team:

After a thorough background check, you have to finalise the team and enter into a contract with them. You can negotiate for a flexible and transparent contract.   

  • On-site building assessment: 

This is the part where the building maintenance team visits the building and extensively evaluates maintenance requirements. 

How do we operate? 

  • We understand your requirements 
  • We work on immediate requirements and ensure no inconvenience arises
  • We provide quality-based services 
  • We maintain transparency in our contract
  • We ensure the work is completed on time. 

Why Choose Zawafi for Building Maintenance Work? 

A well-maintained facility is the backbone of a functional and healthy society. Zawafi has a decade of experience in providing various services that provide the perfect ambience for clients. We take pride in providing the best-customised solutions and meeting the expectations of the clients. Our upskilled team is always at your service whether it is for renovation or simple repair work. 


  • How much does it cost for building maintenance work?

We charge based on the nature of the work. You can discuss the charges well ahead of the work.  
  • Do you have experts in Computerised Maintenance Management System? 

Yes, there are experts in Computerised Maintenance Management Systems in our team.
  • Do you provide emergency maintenance service?

Yes, we provide emergency maintenance service and we are looking forward to adding more employees to this team. 
  • What is the advantage of routine maintenance? 

Building owners can keep the building premises in good condition and can enhance the resale value of property through routine maintenance. 
  • What if we are not satisfied with your service?

We have a good customer care team and you can reach out if you are not happy with our services. 
  • What are the building maintenance services offered? 

  1. Day-to-day repairs
  2. Special repairs
  3. Plumbing
  4. HVAC
  5. Electrical maintenance   

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